Creatively Made!


Do you believe that you are treasured by God just the way you are in this very moment?


Or do you have a nagging critical inner voice always there to remind you that you’re not good enough, reminding you of the mistakes of yesterday or the things you should be doing?


Do you have desires and dreams that you never seem to get to because work, family and other commitments are more important?


Do you often feel depleted and long for something more but feel guilty and selfish for not being satisfied by all you have?


You are not alone. Many faith-filled people feel these things too.


At Creatively Made! we believe God wants more for you. He sees you serving and striving to please Him. And he is happy. But he is also saddened when he sees you putting yourself last, over and over; when he sees you judging and criticizing yourself all day long; when he sees you get a little sparked by an inspiration only to let it drop because “it’s not realistic,” or “there’s not enough time,” or “it’s more important to serve others.”


God longs for you to see yourself through his eyes. There is beauty and treasure inside of you – it is your inner true self God created and cherishes.


God wants you to see this part of you. He wants you to feel this part of you. He wants you to unleash this part of you that has been stifled by demands all your life.


Creatively Made! is a faith-based approach incorporating gentle tiny steps, self-compassion and connection to help you encounter, in the present moment, your inner true exquisite self, created AND cherished by God.


Self-acceptance and self-compassion are not selfish and will not get in the way of serving. They will actually help you feel more alive, energetic, joyful and more open to the Holy Spirit’s love and guidance in your daily life.


Creatively Made! Workshops and are unique, relaxing and fun. Participants are guided through a simple creative project designed to help unleash creativity and thereby opening the door to experiencing your inner true self God created and feeling God unconditional love for you.


Creatively Made! Creative Coaching is a more individualized experience, usually one-hour online video sessions alone or in a small group, that zero in on your specific blocks that keep you from knowing your inner true self and feeling God’s unconditional love.