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As counselors, self-care routines to counter the effects of our clients’ painful stories and emotions hour after hour, day after day, is paramount to overall health and effectiveness.  Inadequate stress management will induce compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, and significantly impact our professional and personal lives.

REPLENISH presentation describes a unique program that includes a self-assessment and a well source of self-care options to advance well-being.  Connection, joy, playfulness and creative experiences are some of these powerful self-care strategies that can replenish us like nothing else.

REPLENISH: Shed the Stress™ sessions are based on a holistic model of self-care developed through my own experience of healing from the physical and emotional impact of providing care, empathy and healing to distressed clients. Additionally, wonderful tools created by Jill Badonsky in her Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching (KMCC) model are integrated into the Replenish strategy.

Designed to help participants release stress and experience relaxation and joy in the present moment, REPLENISH sessions are provided to equip participants with a “Flourishing Tool” for use whenever de-stressing and relaxation is needed.