Small Success Thursday, Bringing a Vision to Life

This is my first time participating in Small Success Thursday blog share.  Thankfully, I have some small successes to share this week.  Actually, when I look carefully, there are always small successes to be found.  So here are mine for this week.

I’ve been dreaming about creating a Marital Retreat in a Box™, a set of simple little retreats incorporating Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.  I wanted create these little retreat opportunities for husbands and wives to do in their own home on their own schedule.  This week I finally identified  the platform I could use to create the prompt and instruction cards.  This was the biggest challenge for me since I don’t have a graphic design degree and have no clue how to use Photoshop!  I was able to design the cards to my liking using Canva and print them out at home.  I found most of the items locally that I wanted to include in the box.  The only thing I didn’t include is a religious art item that would help create a sacred space for the retreat.  In the final version of the Marital Retreat in a Box™ either a retablo made by local Raleigh artist, Ann Burt, through her company called art4thesoul or a small icon will be included for this purpose.  On Wednesday I created my Marital Retreat in a Box™ prototype and distributed them to a few couples to complete!

Another small success was making a decision to let go of a particular type of work that I’ve trying hard and praying hard to bring to fruition.  For some reason this week I was able to let go of my desire (maybe obsession?!) to engage in this type of work.  Sometimes I just don’t want to accept  God’s plan; I want my plan.  When I want my plan so much I can convince myself it is God’s plan, too.  I’ve been on a spiritual journey long enough to know that if I keep working so hard to make something happen and it just never does, it’s probably not God’s plan. Sometimes I just don’t want to believe that it just might not be God’s plan for me.  Once I decided that I no longer wanted to pursue this particular work , I felt an almost sudden calmness and joy. I felt freer to be myself.  I felt freer to pursue visions like the Marital Retreat in a Box™ instead of shirking them off as unrealistic or unimportant.

One last small success I’d like to share is achieving my 2014 goal to engage in self-care activities such as a workout, a walk, a rest, reading for pleasure, every day. The reading part is easy, the workout part is challenging!

Now I invite you to share your small successes this week.  Remember: no success is too small for Small Success Thursday!

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2 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday, Bringing a Vision to Life

  1. aleighanne Reply

    I totally get the my plan not God’s plan. Congrats on the retreat in a box!

    • Patti M. Zordich, Ph.D. Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comments and your congratulations!

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