Stress-Free One Task at a Time

Stress-Free One Task at a Time 

Moving day.  Was I anxious, overwhelmed, going crazy?  No – I stayed stress-free one task at a time using these simple 12-Step program sayings:

  • One Day at a Time
  • One Moment at a Time
  • Do the Next Right Thing
  • Let Go and Let Go
  • First Things First
  • One Task at a Time

To some these sayings may sound trite.  To some they might seem simplistic.

What I know is that they work. I can stay stress-free one task at a time, even during a very long and hectic moving process. To prepare for moving, to do the move, and to adjust to a new place takes a lot of work.  Lots of tasks have to be done.

I have to remember that I always have a choice.

During my move I could chose to think about how much I had to do and become very stressed as a result. Or I could chose to stay stress-free one task at a time.  At this very moment my task is updating this blog post.  My next task is to post it on my social media sites. My next task is to order new checks with the new address. The list goes on and on, but . . .

I can chose to stay calm and stress-free one task at a time!


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