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This Child Is Bullying – How Can I Help?

When a child is bullying, the way to help is to apply consequences and limits, right? Yes . . . and no.  Yes, you need to apply consequences and limits when a child is bullying.  No, because that's an incomplete solution. In addition to consequences and limits, it's important to get to the root of the bullying behavior. Here's how you can help.   First of all, stay in the solution, not the problem.  Next, it is important to … [Read more...]

Does My Child Need Early Entry Kindergarten Testing?

I think my child is ready for early entry to kindergarten, but his preschool teacher is saying he’s not mature enough. My child has an early an early birthday and the teacher is recommending a transitional kindergarten. Should I hold him back? These are questions many parents of four and five year olds are asking themselves this time of year. They’re not easy questions to answer. You know that putting your child in a transitional kindergarten … [Read more...]

Help for Building Stronger Families

Triangle Psychological Services psychologists, Nancy Driscoll and myself, attended the annual Ignited By Truth conference in March of this year and introduced noogie™ at our exhibit table.  We had so much fun meeting new people and old friends. The most fun, however, was introducing our noogie™ products designed to help build stronger families.  I knew I was excited about the Marital Retreats in a Box™ and our noogie Family Card Decks, but I … [Read more...]

Parenting SOS! – A Few of My Favorite Books

Not another parenting book!  As a family therapist who likes to empower parents to be confident and I often recommend one of the following parenting books.  I'm very picky about parenting books.  Many of them don't make it to my recommendations list mostly because they have what I call a "cookie-cutter" approach to parenting and to children. Each child is unique, created by God with a special combination of temperamental traits and gifts that … [Read more...]

You Don’t Have to be Perfect

The past several posts we’ve been looking at several ways the Holy Family can inspire us to fill our homes with love and help our children learn to receive love and to give love.  We’ve done this by contemplating some of the scripture passage readings on the Feast of the Holy Family.   We’ve talked about parental unity and authority, the importance of humility and forgiveness, giving Christ our sufferings in order to allow his peace to control … [Read more...]